Saturday, August 30, 2014

"Goldengrove" - Francine Prose


Pealkiri: "Goldengrove"

Autor: Francine Prose

Leheküljed: 275

Raamatust: At the centre of Francine Prose´s profoundly moving new novel is a young girl facing the consequences of sudden loss after the death of her sister. As her parents drift towards their own risky consolations, thirteen-year-old Nico is left alone to grope towards understanding and clarity, falling into a seductive, dangerous relationship with her sister´s enigmatic boyfriend. Over one haunted summer, Nico must face that life-changing moment when children realize their parents can no longer help them. She learns about the power of art, of time and place, the mystery of loss and recovery. But for all the darkness at the novel´s heart, the narrative itself is radiant with the lightness of summer and charged by the restless sexual tension of teenage life.

Arvamus: Tegu oli väga ilusa raamatuga, kuid oleksin enamat oodanud tegevusest. Pigem oli see täis tundeid ja emotsioone ja mõtteid, kuid tegevusest jäi puudu. Samas oli raamatus palju häid mõtteterasid ja autor valdas kindlasti ka teemat. Mõnus lihtne ja südamlik lugemine. Olen rahul, et selle raamatu endale ostsin.

Hinnang: 8/10


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